by Monster Rally
album Beyond The Sea

 My eyes are slightly fluttering and I can feel the sand against my face as I start to wake up to the morning sun. The moment the light hits them my head throbs in pain as I realize that I have no idea where I might be. I can’t hear any cars passing in the distance so I must be far off of any major road. Behind me is a sheer cliff of stone covered in light patches of vegetation. I push myself up off of the ground and start making my attempt to remember bits and pieces of what could have happened the previous night. Slowly I walk my way in the direction of what I think might be some sort of civilization knowing that bad decisions and a large number of drinks were to blame.

 Blame is the latest single to be released from Columbus Ohio native Ted Feighan who is better known as Monster Rally. It comes from his upcoming sophomore LP titled Beyond the Sea and continues his explorations in looping sun filled tropical sounds that overlay creative relaxed percussive grooves reminiscent of the late Juan García Esquivel. That light drifting lounge sound is paired up with a strumming guitar and a slightly Hip-Hop cymbal, snare, and bass drum beat that is perfect for any summer party at the beach or next to your own backyard pool. You can get your pre-order in now for the limited edition lava red 12” vinyl release now through Gold Robot Records which will be sent out on June 19th.